String of Giggling Pearls

Apparently I laughed in the womb,Aleah Giggles
Giggled while yet unborn,
A strangely anomalous event.

Some upwelling of humour,
Sudden surge of happiness,
Or tummy-tickling sensation.

It emanated formless,
Free from the constraints of thought,
From my barely begun being.

Rippling outwards,
Through an ocean of fluid,
Rocking me in my cocoon.

It’s no longer a memory
Held within my mind,
Yet the echoing pulse remains.

And the knowledge leaves me curious,Aleah Giggles 2
After a modest span of living,
As to the meaning of that moment.

How could one
Not yet fully in this world
Know what it is to laugh?

I ponder the questions
That flutter around me
On illusive, feathered wings.

Did some part of me
Contained within that speck
Know more even than I know now?

And was the knowing enough
To spark such giggles
And spontaneous bubbles of joy?

Such thoughts are a rockAleah Giggles 3
Warm to the touch,
When days are dark and stormy.

Fierce clouds may come galloping
Heralding a tempest,
While lightning sears the sky.

But in the eye of the storm,
Amidst silent darkness,
Lies a string of giggling pearls.

Apparently I laughed in the womb,
A moment more precious than jewels,
Even now, I can’t help but smile…

This poem is with thanks to an almost-lifelong friend, osteopath and healer Rex. A long time ago, close to when we first met, as I was lying on the osteopathic table and Rex was doing cranio-sacral therapy on me, I started to giggle, spontaneously, out of nowhere, with no idea why I was giggling. When I apologized afterwards and asked him what it might mean, he said something along the lines of, ‘You were back in the womb, remembering and reliving a moment…’ The memory of his mysterious answer has always stayed with me. The pictures are with thanks to my gorgeous (step)daughter Kirra and her equally gorgeous daughter Aleah. Aleah, my husband Bruno and myself were playing on the floor while Bruno took the photos; they always make me smile and think with wonder of a child’s innate sense of joy.


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