The Beggar’s New Clothes

We beggar ourselvesPentacles 5
When we clothe our selves
In garments which are not ours to wear.
They were of our making,
It is true,
Hewn with our own small hands.

But a child’s hands
That did not know
Whither what they did.
And sewed but blindly
With beginner’s stitch,
And innocently nebulous mind.

Swords 5The trembling hand
That was guided
To fashion in a certain way.
And create a costume
Strong enough,
To protect us from the world.

The costume
Fit well enough the child
Even the teenager wore it with style.
But not so
The adult who followed;
An emperor adorned in old robes.

With his red tunicCups 5
Of fiery frustration and rage
Hanging in impotent shreds.
Her night-purple boots
Of delusional pride
Broken, with heals mismatching.

His great grey cloak
Of impenetrable protection
Dragging filth along the floor.
Her sky-blue dress
Of smiles and obeisance
Quite apologetically faded.

Better we were bareStar
Defenceless and naked
Than wear such rags as these.
Give up the charade
Of parading as beggars
Through the entirety of our lives.

Discern piece by piece
Every rag, every tatter,
And resolve to let them go.
Thank them for all
The defences they gave us,
Give them the burial they deserve.

Manifest a new wardrobeEmpress
Of gracious attire
Befitting our potentialities.
Clothing that reflects
The selves that we become
With each step along the path.

We beggar ourselves
When we clothe our selves
In garments which are no longer ours to wear.
The great challenge of life
Is to discard our rags
And learn to dress with dignity.

Images are taken from the Rider-Waite tarot deck


4 thoughts on “The Beggar’s New Clothes

  1. Great poem, Amanda. Love the ideology that we can tailor our own destiny instead of adhering to uniformity…at least that’s what I got from it.

  2. Thanks Darren. I love your take on the poem! The inspiration for me comes from a theme that is often reoccuring in me… One of identity, ego, the shadow within each of us… How our darkest traits (anger, fear, pride, etc) have often been born within us when we are very young as a defensive response to factors in the world around us… How many of us develop parts of our ego very blindly and how many of us remain oblivious to ourselves as we become adults, living out childish playground power games in the adult arena… And how, if we begin the work of becoming more aware of ourselves and our shadow, then gradually we may develop the healthier, more life-affirming and altruistic aspects of our egos, and ultimately connect with our higher Selves…

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