Farewell Old Friend

Amanda at sunset

Farewell old friend
For although your days have been hard
You have taught me much
(Of course, how could I doubt it?),
And you have taken me
(Oftentimes dragging me, scared and unwilling)
Along daunting and challenging paths,
Through the lands and places I needed to see.

You have shown me many marvels
(Although from up close I may have called them perils)
And you have made me stand witness
Not just to the world through which I travel,
And to others on journeys of similar or dissimilar ilk,
But to the world within from which so much flows
(And hides and hurts and fears)
To know all possibilities, of every measure.

And although I stand now still in childish ignorance
(And arrogance and incompetence),
I see glimmers of a land where I would like to dwell,
Where simplicity, awareness, wisdom and compassion
Are not just clever words half-formed from immature ideas
But are fully formed, of both light and weight,
Deeply lived from the inside out
Providing sustenance which flows ever in circles.

So farewell again old friend
And thank you for your many gifts,
And welcome new friend
Whose gifts are yet unknown, unguessed at,
But which are to be accepted gladly,
For they are given as befits the receiver,
And may one day lead, whether by short or long route,
To the land that glimmers so.

Bruno at sunset


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