This Too Shall Pass

Dark day

If you have come to a place
Where you are disillusioned
With all that you have or have not become,
Had expectations for who you would one day be,
And now perceive that you are not even half way there,
But you have, at least, stumbled through
With your eyes half open,
Enough anyway to see the shadows playing,
And you’ve watched in anguish
As demons the jump out
With your every thought, word and deed,
Aware of them as the emotional energy
Fuelling the demons, engulfs you,
But somehow unable to hold them back,
Even though you have tried to fight them,
To tame the wildness within,
And you are still losing the fight,
It is somehow beyond you,
With the answers lost somewhere
In a dark and blurry past,
The roots buried under too many layers
Of earth, stones and rotting leaves,
Unrecoverable, indecipherable,
Never to be fully known,
Just glimpses of understanding,
Moments of wisdom as you embrace the idea
That you must embrace your demons
For them to dissolve,
To bravely go through, not run from,
To seek them, accept them, honour them,
Love them even,
Or to dismiss them
To sink beneath,
Become still and know that
All that moves within you
Is but an illusion of self,
To let go of the self
Which is merely a puppet,
A shadow cast by the incorruptible light
And embrace the Self,
And you somehow grasp all this knowledge,
Theoretically, intuitively,
But still it aids you little
As you run round in circles
And run yourself into the ground,
If you have come to this place
And are at a standstill,
At a total loss for where to go,
What to try,
How to move forwards,
And how to forgive
And if you have given up hope
That you will ever,
Ever, grow beyond the limitations
And failings of you…

Do not fear,

Do not fret,

For this too shall pass.

Between dark and light

Do not try to know
That which you cannot fully know,
If you stumble
It is meant to be so.
And if the demons are winning
Then rest awhile,
You cannot beat them
When you are so tired,
Of fighting,
Of trying,
Of everything.
Let things be as they are
And know that they will change,
And you will surely change
As and when the universe decrees.
Is not your mind, body and soul
By the same laws
As the universe in which it exists?
One day,
Light will follow dark,
As surely as day follows night
And the Spring returns after a long, cold Winter.
Maybe with light
Will come truth,
Awareness and compassion,
Which together will make forgiveness
Maybe, other wondrous understandings
Will emerge and surprise you
In the light where transparency reigns.
Maybe, deep down in a secret place,
You are not ready
To let the demons go,
Until some vital lesson is learnt
That unlocks the choice to do so.
But these things
Are not yours to know right now,
From where you stand.
So until the new day dawns, let go
Of any hopes, or fears,
Of what lies within
And what lies beyond.
Accept, be at peace and be glad
Of the mystery of you,
The nuances and depths
Which are yours alone to be
Right now,
In this time and this place.
Be grateful
To be alive,
And to know,
That you do not know…

How it

Will be,

When all of this has passed.

Light day


3 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Moments of creative wisdom, really do run around and provide support and encase feelings of vunerbility……..Perhaps the demons provide comfort……..may they be good or bad?
    But life must be lived in the best way possible……… never know…….what may come….
    flip the coin and life may change………….\but there is also a rare bond..thread that connects those like you and me.

    Much love and dynamics ( what I’m currently teaching!)
    Dawn xxxx

  2. Rex, thank you, yes, not even half way there, and when you do get to where you think might be half way, you realize you have just climbed a small hill from which you can now see bigger mountains rising up in front of you…!

    Dawn, thank you, yes we probably keep our demons, our shadows, alive partly out of ignorance when we have not become aware of their existence and partly out of comfort as they are familiar to us and give us our sense of self. We do not know how to let them go and be anything other… Basic psychology, utterly profound! The thread that connects is so precious. We may be here to learn that we are all connected to each other, but until we become Buddha or Christ enough to feel love for every human being, we certainly need the people we connect with the most to feed and guide us and remind us who we are at a deep level… I do anyway, probably because I am less than half way there! Ha, you have always been a dynamics girl… Go give em the weight of your intention, space of your awareness, time of your expert choices and leadership, and flow of your passion… Laban will applaud!

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