Ever Wondered…?

Ever wondered how it is
That buildings appear so vast, up close,
Colossal forms, towering high,
Spread-eagle wide.

And roads tear open into chasms,
Busy, buzzing, cacophony of cars,
Stretching onwards unendingly
Into a concrete distance.
And the city sprawls to infinity,
A maze of streets and corners,
No two quarters ever alike.
Only taxi drivers know all ways.

Lima City

And yet, as the plane ascends,
Buildings fade into insignificance,
Roof-shaped dots, falling away,
Bowing out of sight.

And the widest of roads narrows
Into a thread of insubstantiality.
Lights of cars are pinpricks,
Silent shooting stars in the dark.
And even the proudest of cities
With its multitude of everything,
Shrinks to a spider’s web,
A crawling, grey-veined mass.


As one world sinks into decline,
Another is revealed.
The Earth holds out its wonders,
For the curious-eyed to glimpse.

Deserts yawn open in rippling folds,
A sweeping expanse of yellows.
Mountain peaks and jagged ravines,
All whiteness, sunlight and shadow.
Ocean stretches in all encompassing embrace
Clouds unfold their glory,
Out to distant horizons
Where imagination takes flight.

Island waters

And if we ventured further,
To tumble weightless around the Earth,
A marble of blue-green brilliance
Would shine, a marvel to behold.

Ragged sky

Ever wondered how it is
That our hardships appear so vast,
Up close, day by day,
Trapped in the midst of life.

Engulfed, overwhelmed, not waving, almost drowning,
Barely afloat in the torrent.
Tossed by the storms of existence,
Staggering in dismay.
Dark shadows dance, unashamed in the open,
As a winter’s night closes in.
Elegant guillotine poised overhead
To fall at any moment.

Dark waters

Threatening to break us, threatening to turn us
Into that which we don’t want to be.
Angry, resentful, selfish, cold,
Tantrums of a frightened child.

And yet, not so, when viewed from afar,
Perched on high, looking down,
From someplace outside of life,
Without ourselves in the way.
From here we perceive with breadth of vision
And unclogged clarity of mind.
Our struggles a blink in a wakeful cat’s eye.
Mere moments of tribulation.

Peru mountain valley

But, nevertheless, they have their place
In the unfolding of our lives.
The great cycles turn as they must
And with them the seasons flow.

Bitter winters are inescapable
For the lightness of spring to be reached.
Deserts of despair, mountains of pain,
Deep oceans of tears and grief.
Anger, resentment, fear, sadness,
Persecutor, victim, judge.
Tough lessons that we all must come through
To, one day, bring us closer to love.

Love flower

That is how it is, our lives,
When viewed from far away,
A jewel amongst the emptiness of space
Held in the palm of God’s hand.


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