Is This How It Is?

Dawn of a New Day

Is this how it is
As a soul sits expectantly
Waiting to spring into life…
Like the new day
Just before sunrise,
When magic abounds in the world?

 Vibrant and still
The cool air alive,
A hundred violins waiting to be played.
Flurries of birdsong
Afloat on the breeze,
Little sailing boats of sound.

The sky sitting dark,
A soft, patient waiting
For the turn of the Earth to arrive.
Creeping to morning
With delicate slowness,
A glory of velvet hues.

The East glowing red,
The lightness unveiling,
The clouds revealing themselves.
From deepest of grey,
Through purple and pink,
To blossom into orange and gold.

Each moment a painting,
Great works of art,
Flowing one into another.
Soul is waiting, transcendent,
With awe and potential,
Gratitude bubbling inside.

Daytime Normality

Is this how it is,
Once a soul is born,
Into babe, into child, into adult…
Like the full day
After the sun has risen
And normality enters the stage?

The sunlight bright,
The clouds mottled grey,
The wind chasing its tail round the world.
Raindrops falling
Both wild and serene,
While snowflakes hush the ground.

The world full of wonders
Miracles each day,
In the detail of every moment.
Unfurling leaf,
A raindrop’s caress,
The rainbow’s upside down smile.

But all this unnoticed
By unseeing eyes
And hearts firmly wrapped in armour.
Transfixed instead
By finish lines,
Stacked up one after the other.

Running the race
Forever consumed,
With the doing of every day.
Hardship and worry,
Struggle and stress,
Four dogs biting hard at the heels.

Dusk Ends the Day

Is this how it is
At the end of all days
As a soul fades away from life…
Like the dusk that envelops
Just after sunset
When magic and mystery return?

Sinking to a sigh
The air tingling afresh,
Something stirring in the fabric of life.
With the dark closing in
What was shut becomes open,
The heart perceiving once more.

Looking over a shoulder
Through the tunnel of life
To see jewels of beauty and love.
The mundane born anew
As a glorious journey
Two feet alone did tread.

Joy and pain
Suffering and learning,
Lessons that were meant to be mastered.
Forged through fire,
Tempered by ice,
Distilled by the winds of time.

Through it all becoming
Just a little bit more
Of whatever soul was meant to become.
Receding now
To the darkest of nights,
Before the rising of a new sun…


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