A Time of Matter

It’s just a matter of time,
Before the curious eyed babe
Is full bellied and glowing,
Until the joyous mother to be
Is a wrinkled husk approaching winter’s embrace.

Filled with regret or sadness,
Fear or gladness,
As she remembers all whom she has lost
And who have now gone before her.
Beyond the blue-green world of sunlight and moonbeams,
Faded, no longer present,
Once loved, now beyond knowing.

Winter, by Andy Banks

 It’s just a matter of time,
Before the softly sinking shell
Is a morsel of rock.
Until the earth ripples itself anew,
To push ocean floor up to mountainous heights.

Up to where the air is thin
And the rise and fall of waves
Is but a distant myth,
An echo of the wind that rules this solitary peak.
Caught on a flurry of snow,
A voice that whispers of valleys to come,
The decline of mountain to humble plateau.

Mountains, by Andy Banks

It’s just a matter of time,
Before the mighty fall,
Dirt under trampling feet.
Until new visionaries, villains and victorious ones
Rise up to claim eternal rule.

Each civilisation appears,
Attired in blazing power.
Unconquerable, invincible, unquenchable.
Yet, one and all, outliving itself,
Giving in at last to the thundering hooves,
The horsemen of decay and dust.

Ship, by Andy Banks

It’s just a matter of time
Before we accept,
It is just a time of matter.
A flickering of ephemeral wings,
That fades as the dream dissolves.

In sandcastles of mind and form,
We stand gazing in amazement
Before the incoming tide.
And, sometime before the end,
We understand, we grasp a little truth.
Our time of matter does not really matter at all.

Ocean waves, by Andy Banks

The shell, the dirt,
The body,
Swallowed by waves of eternity.
Time itself,
Outworn and discarded.

Never fear,
All was not as it seemed,
In this land of light and shadow.
A time of matter may have passed,
Even as the last breath leaves the body.
But, in it’s place,
A greater story continues to unfold…

Island and sunset, by Andy Banks

Copyright for text belongs to Amanda Banks. All photos with kind permission of, and copyright belonging to, Andy Banks.


7 thoughts on “A Time of Matter

  1. Darren, thank you so much, I know you have read a lot so that means a lot! I seem to be having a September-poetry-fest… I have one more poem to post on here soon and then I fear the inspiration may run dry… I wish the words came to me more often, but alas, I only get taken on rare occasions to that sublime place where I obsessively write until ‘it’ is complete… But to be in that place, where the ideas and words move through you, is one of the best places to be so I am grateful for the times when I am there!

  2. So lovely, Amanda – filled with mindfulness, truth and such beautiful and wonderfully interwoven connections… Reading this cleared a really calming, thoughtful space for me today. Thank you… x

  3. I agree with Darren. This poem is amazing. The content, the rhythm… It’s rare for a poem to have such an impact for me. I read it a week ago and again just now – and like it even more. Truly inspiring.

  4. Thanks Melanie, thanks Nat. Yes Melanie, writing it also helped me find that calm place in amongst an at times chaotic and overwhelming existence. Nat, it is rare that the poet’s voice finds me, I think it made the most of me in this one!

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