Trickling Sands

When the world says stop, give in, surrender
As at times it always will…

Ruin 1

Heed the voice,
The pull of silence,
That urges to expand

Ruin 2

Although the tug can feel
Heavier even than a mountain,
A sucking down of spirit

Ruin 3

It is a necessary fall
A sinking down, that in turn, becomes
A path to travel in

Ruin 4

In to self
In to silence
In to the essential

Ruin 5

A glimpse of…
The feel of…
A moment of…

Ruin 6

And although the return
May not be monumental,
The distance travelled but one step

Ruin 7

That step is a grain of sand
Trickling through the hourglass
Of your soul’s long journey home


9 thoughts on “Trickling Sands

  1. Than you Rob. The words actually came out of a day of total emotional exhaustion… A day of not getting anywhere… Of not even feeling that I was taking even one step towards anywhere… But at least allowing myself some space to meditate and ‘be”… Good to reflect that I did at least manage one tiny step amidst the challenges of life.

    • A fall is sometimes a release from the tensions we experience every day. Like you, I too have had a similar week of producing what I felt to be lots. I stop and find I am still tethered to a tree and I have run myself into muddy puddle! Perhaps it is wise to become still to allow the waters to clear and reflect back the next step.
      Your words have helped me today, to stop panicking!

  2. Hi Dawn and Anne, thank you and love to you both! Dawn, I love the image of the tree and muddy puddle, it makes me laugh even as I empathise with the feeling. When the pressure is on and we feel the burden of having to do 100 things, and our lives plus those of others seem to depend on it, how do we make ourselves stop till the waters clear…? Doing nothing can be infinitely harder sometimes than doing something, especially when we feel the guilt of stopping, the belief that we are weak to do so… My word, life is certainly not just a handful of roses, what a hard task-master it can be sometimes…!

  3. Great poem, Amanda. This piece, along with the pictures, comes across as an oasis, a place of calm serenity and beauty amidst the bland, uniformity of the daily grind. I really got lost in the piece 🙂

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