Dancing along braided channels…

When to go with the flow and when to create new channels in which to flow… Amazing how life teaches us to do both at different times in our lives, and how we must learn to listen to the voice that tells us when it is time to do one or the other.

Amanda Penaloza-BanksI was born a dancer, I have had the joy, and the struggles, of dance being a part of my life for many years. It has been a child’s hobby, an adult’s profession, an ever questioning and challenging path, and a therapeutic journey. When I began this blog two years ago I was forging new channels that interested me, outside of my world as a dancer and teacher. New channels of writing and conservation, both of which had always been important to me. The source of this blog was a desire to write about marine conservationists, and so that was how the new channel in the river emerged, with posts about whales, dolphins and inspirational people in this world who work hard to protect them. And somewhere in the undercurrents, down where the fish swim deep, my love for writing personal, reflective, dreamtime stories was also part of the flow.

The river certainly flowed with energy and took me to many new places in life, in writing, in meeting wonderful people, in love, in marriage, in travel and in learning. I followed the current and let it take me where it would, trusting that it knew its direction and I had only to follow and go with the flow…

Braided channels post

Until now. And now it is time to create some new channels again. A braided river, one that diverged into new channels, separate but flowing in the same direction, and which is now diverging again to create more glistening strands, crisscrossing each other, and which are sure to re-converge somewhere further downstream.

The new channels are guided once again by my source, my roots, by any other metaphor that speaks of something fundamental inside ourselves. For me that is dance and a desire to teach, to pass on something intrinsically healing, energizing and life-enhancing to others.

And this blog post is really just a little announcement of that change of direction. I hope to still write about conservationists, whales, dolphins and all things marine once in a while, and I hope that a few philosophical images will float their way into my head occasionally and urge me to write a short story or two… But, for now at least, the focus of this website and blog is likely to lean towards dance.

That focus is already in evidence on other pages of this site, but for readers who pop here primarily to read a blog post or two, the shift may be a little disconcerting. I hope this post and the two films featured here will ease you along on the journey with me. The films show the two main strands of my work at present, Ico-Dance and creativeDANCE and, although the films feature on other pages of this site, I have placed them on my blog because I empathize with the time-constrained blog-reader; I am one of you and I know that sometimes, perusing more than one page of a site is just beyond the realms of possibility!

Please watch, hopefully enjoy, and I would love to read your comments if any come to mind.

I also hope you are happy to come futher downstream with me as I see where the braided channels take me next…


2 thoughts on “Dancing along braided channels…

  1. Beautiful videos, Amanda – thanks for sharing them here. I so wish I could attend your dance classes – they look wonderful! Exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking for, for such a long time! I’m really looking forward to learning more about your further journeys along the ‘braided channel’ of dance. Wherever life leads us, it’s so important to follow the loves that form the core of who we are. If we follow other channels for a while, those fundamental parts of own natures always seem to seek us out and bring us home to ourselves again, sooner or later…

    Wherever those ‘braided channels’ take you next, looking forward to learning more from your wonderful blog…
    Melanie x

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