Vision Magazine… A lucky find

Amazing how things happen… I was fortunate enough to attend a wonderful cetacean conference in November 2012, held by the American Cetacean Society, in Mission Bay, San Diego.

ACS conference 2012

I was researching hard at the time, trying to find somewhere, someone, some right place that might accept an article from me about the conference. As a novice writer here in California, at the time unpublished in any AMERICAN magazine, knocking on doors was not easy. I persisted for two reasons:

1. I am sincerely respectful of the work of organizations such as the American Cetacean Society, and of the many individuals who engage in marine conservation, research and education. I do not work as a conservationist myself, but if I can play a small part in being a voice for them and inspiring an individual or two to treat our world with greater care and gratitude, then that feels worthwhile to me. I am under no delusion; I do not believe that everyone on this planet can be made to alter their behaviour for the better; but if someone happens to be at a point in their life where they are receptive and looking for something, maybe, occasionally, words can foster miracles.

2. Yes, of course, I want to develop my writing credentials. I am a learner at this art. I do it because I love to write and I started writing this blog in particular because I love writing about conservationists. Whether it is something that ever becomes a part of my profession I have no idea, but I want to pursue the act of writing as and when I can, and it feels good to occasionally see my words in print.

Luckily, a lovely new friend here in California, Nancy McCaleb, who ran McCaleb Dance Company for many years suggested I contact Vision Magazine. Vision is a holistic, alternative magazine, available for free online and also distributed in print version in California, Northern Arizona and Hawaii.

Vision Magazine Cover Januray 2013 edition

“Vision is an elegant balance of informative stories and inspiring viewpoints; rich, vivid color juxtaposed with appealing editorial, community resources, and calendar of events, each providing tools for living in a more peaceful and sustainable world. Over the past ten years, Vision Magazine has become a mainstay within the holistic community, revealing evolutionary ideas in conscious living, holistic healing, and the creation of a more peaceful world.

A month after speaking to Vision’s publisher and executive editor Sydney Murray, my article “Blubber Deep – Reconnecting With Our Ocean Cousins” was featured in Vision’s January 2013 edition. You can read the JANUARY 2013 FULL DIGITAL EDITION HERE and you can also access individual articles on VISION’S WEBSITE HERE. I hope to write more for this magazine in the future and look forward to reading other people’s articles within its pages.

For anyone who has never been to a cetacean conference, such an event may sound like a bafflingly unknown entity, sparking such random thoughts as “That must be a bland affair!” or “If it’s a whale conference, do any actual whales turn up?”  Well, life has been crazy here and I have not had a chance to write about the conference on my blog, but to dispel the thoughts that might be floating in your heads, please come back next time to read about some of my experiences at the conference along with excerpts from the article…


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