Ocean Magazine… A beautiful read

It has been a while since I have given a shout out to Ocean Magazine, an American nature magazine that is all about the ocean, for people who love the ocean…

OCEAN Magazine Winter 2013 Issue 37

“OCEAN is a  magazine about the ocean. OCEAN Magazine publishes photography, articles and stories, essays, and poems to celebrate and protect the ocean. New issues are published quarterly –– Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. OCEAN’s quality is unsurpassed. OCEAN’s photography is beautiful. In OCEAN you read what you read no where else. OCEAN’s information is timeless. Never is an issue outdated. With incomparable quality, each issue of OCEAN is a collector’s item. OCEAN blends the informative and educational, personal, spiritual, and sensual. OCEAN draws its inspiration from love, with beauty and respect. OCEAN opens the depths, and takes you in. OCEAN is unabashedly different. Its intention is pure.”

Ocean Magazine is always wonderfully warm, thought-provoking and interesting. And right now, it features my first article for an American magazine, for which I feel honored and grateful.

For those of you who remember Peggy Stap (Marine Life Studies), Laurie Murison (Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station), Nina Pardo and Stefan  Austermühle (Mundo Azul), my article is all about them. Plus they add their own unique voices to the magazine, giving an even clearer glimpse of their lives and perspectives.

To subscribe to Ocean Magazine, please visit their website.

As ever, there is so much you can do to learn more about the work of whale and dolphin conservationists; Peggy, Laurie, Stefan and Nina are always glad to receive your interest and support. And don’t forget to visit my good friends at Planet Whale if you want to discover more cetacean conservation organisations all around the world… There may be one on your doorstep that you never knew existed but would be immensely glad to discover!


9 thoughts on “Ocean Magazine… A beautiful read

  1. Congratulations – whales and dolphins are deep – and so amazingly forgiving and patient with us – still humbled by the gaze of a grey on a birthday journey to play for them – good to hear of your support of the work – look forward to reading your piece

    The sound of the breathe of whales haunts this journey… 🙂

  2. Thank you Treothe and Darren.

    Yes, stories of cetaceans’ capacity for forgiveness are humbling. I have heard and read how the gray whales were feared and believed to be terribly violent and aggressive creatures; named Devil Fish by fishermen and those who hunted them. Then one day, not surprisingly after the hunting of them had ended and the mothers no longer had to defend their young, one gray whale approached a fisherman’s boat and ‘made first contact’….. Years later and the legacy has unfolded into hundreds of female gray whales encouraging their young to ‘make friends’ with humans in the sanctuary of their calving lagoon every year…

    For a wonderfully detailed, mesmerising and heart-warming version of this story go to:

    Let us hope that these kind of stories will always live on in the Now and not become legends of things long since passed…

  3. 🙂 Congratulations, Amanda! That’s so wonderful! It sounds exactly the kind of magazine for which your beautiful writing is so suited. I’m sure that, through your words, more people will be inspired by the vital work Peggy, and the other conservationists you write about, do. Your wonderful and involving posts here have transported me into their world – and it’s so inspiring to witness their sheer dedication. Without them, and others like them, I dread to think what the world would be like now…

    The story about the grey whales’ forgiveness is so beautiful. I heard about it on a BBC television documentary about a year or two ago (they spoke to one of the fishermen). So moving – and so revealing of the vast magnanimity and compassion of the whales… As you say, truly humbling.

    So pleased for you about the publication of your article! So very well deserved!

    Melanie x

  4. What a beautiful cover and a wonderful concept, thank you for highlighting it and congratulations on finding your place within its pages. I can’t wait to get hold of a copy. The ocean is a lifeline for so many and I am always on the search for writing that encapsulates its magic and nourishment. So happy to have stumble across your blog, while browsing posts on nature writing. Bonne Continuation Amanda.

  5. I have never head of OCEAN mag! It sounds amazing!!! thanks for stopping by my blog today! I can’t believe you have an article out in American Magazine! How EXCITING!!!!

  6. Thanks so much Jasmine… Sometimes it can feel like progress is so slow and achieving the things you yearn to achieve so insurmountably impossible… It can be easy to forget the little landmark steps along the way. It is lovely to receive such warm comments from people to help me remember and celebrate the value of each step. Amanda

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