An impression of body

We live in our bodies, how could we do otherwise?

We live, sleep, eat, work, relax, play and move in our bodies.

Our bodies are our entry point into the world.

We begin and end in our bodies.

Outside of our bodies is an explosion of otherness; other bodies, a multi-dimensional space, the known and unknown.

At the periphery of our bodies we sense the otherness.

We see, hear, smell, taste, touch and, in more subtle ways, ‘feel’ the world, with our antennas tuned to the various sensations surrounding us.

All of which we can interact with, or withdraw from.

We start from within and extend out to the world, inescapably in a relationship with every other body we interact with, by necessity of our existence bound and freed by the space in which we live.

We leave an imprint on the world, with the action-expression of our every thought and feeling.

And the world leaves an imprint on us.

Our bodies respond to every impression, every nuance of sensation, information and action.

And so we dance through our lives.

Our bodies deepest intentions project outwards with every move we make. The shape, curve, flow, strength, speed and direction of our every posture, gesture and movement betrays us to the keen-eyed observer.

And the otherness impacts on us, impressing itself upon us, so that our inner dance metamorphoses in response.

Because deep inside our bodies lies another explosion of being; thoughts, feelings, the known and unknown.

We dance with the internal world contained inside our skin and with the external world outside our skin.

Our bodies are the containers of our us-ness and the barriers to other-ness. Being in our bodies separates us from him, or her, or them, or it.

But our bodies also hold the mysteries of together-ness.



Every atom in our bodies exists in relationship to every other atom in the universe. Our bodies were once glowing stars. What happens in the microcosm of our inner worlds is reflected on the larger stage.

As within so without, as without so within.

Every piece of matter, living and non-living, is in relationship with every bit of other-ness in existence, including us.

The tiniest body cannot be separated from the whole, the whole is greater than the sum of all its tiny parts.

Confined to our separate bodies, we cannot quite grasp the whole in all its glorious beauty.

Gifted with our bodies, we are given the freedom to explore an infinite palette of possibility contained within the whole.

Being in touch with our bodies, keeps us in touch with all of our us-ness, and other’s other-ness, and opens the spaces within us for our awareness of whole-ness to shine through.

We live in our bodies; if this was not meant to be, our bodies would not be here.

We begin and end in our bodies.

We dance to explore our bodies’ potential to teach us.

We dance to accept the miracle of being.

We dance, how could we do otherwise?


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