In the meantime…

There is a time for everything in this world…

There is a time to write… But there are also times when you just have to quit writing and go with the flow…

Falling in love, getting married and packing up a life in one country to begin a life in a new one, are sweeping me along in some strong currents, with plenty of rapids and waterfalls to take up my attention and energy. While the flow draws me inevitably onwards, my writing is sitting patiently downstream on a gentle riverbank, waiting for me to wash ashore and carry on where I left off.

In the meantime, if you are sat on your own riverbank wondering what morsels of literary, philosophical and fascinating nourishment there may be are out there in the world to read, here are three enlightening suggestions:

1. Caduceus Magazine is a UK based magazine, available online and in print. Caduceus’s mission is one of healing; healing people, community and planet. Its quarterly editions contain a varied range of articles on health, the environment, philosophy and spirituality. In Issue 82, along with my article entitled ‘Lighting the way in marine conservation’ you will find, amongst others, a fascinating article on the sacred geometry of flowers by Prof Keith Critchlow and a celebratory article describing how Paramahansa Yogananda introduced his spiritual teachings and Kriya Yoga to the western world.

2. Ocean Magazine is a US based magazine, also published quarterly and available online and in print. The magazine contains a rich mix of factual, philosophical and poetic articles, stories, essays, poems and photography about, or inspired by, the ocean. The winter 2012 issue contains, amongst others, a captivating article about the scientific exploration submersible Alvin and an ode to the ocean as seen, felt and written by a rider of the waves; a surfer.

3. ‘Lilanthro’s Story’ is my first ever longer than short story but shorter than long story. I wrote it on this blog as a first draft in 15 parts over a period of roughly half a year. I have not as yet had a chance to read it from beginning to end. I will hopefully get round to that in the coming year and start the process of rewriting and editing it into shape. I would welcome feedback from anyone who beats me to reading it in its entirety in one sitting, in particular, I would like to know how you would describe it… What is it about for you?



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