A romantic interlude

Having already warned you that I am recklessly jumping into a spot of romantic exploration, I do not feel too guilty in letting you know that I may not write another blog post for the next ten days or so…

Yes, I know the next chapter of Lilanthro is waiting, which I am as passionate about writing as ever, and I know there are posts about Pieter Folkens and Bob Talbot sitting in the wings awaiting their turn, but they will all have to be patient a little longer… Love is in the air and all else is taking a backseat for a short while.

As ever, I do not want to leave you with nothing to entertain you in my absence, so here are three recommendations of some stimulating reading to occupy you until I return to everyday reality.

1. Nichole Reber is a fantastic writer who travels the world, living in a different country for maybe six months to two years at a time, writing as she goes. I met her in Peru where she is currently living and working. Nichole posts varied content daily on Architecture Travel Writer. You can also read a guest post I wrote for her site called Treading The Yellow Brick Road.

2. Allan McDonald is the co-owner of Whales-n-Sails whale watching company based on Grand Manan Island. He chatted to me about the Bay of Fundy and why it is such a uniquely special place for whales and other marine life. You can read all about the amazing qualities of the bay in an article on the Planet Whale website.

3. Resurgence Magazine’s website is, as ever, a great site to take a look at and, if you have not read it here already, you can discover the story of the North Atlantic right whale’s history, as told to me by Laurie Murison, on a guest blog post on the site.

I hope the above ideas will keep you thoroughly entertained.

Enjoy reading and I’ll be back with you as soon as love allows…


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