Another little intermission

Well folks, what can I say… Would you like some more intermission ice cream?

You know how it is… Get to a new place, meet new people and new whales (23 fin whales 3 days ago, sorry no photos, was too engrossed in watching them and listening to them make trumpet sounds like elephants while dolphins bow rode in front of them), getting to grips with new work (designing an educational treasure hunt and film making for children on the Whales’n’Sails whale watch boat), new environment (a beautiful island with lovely people, although do not believe them if they describe something as being ‘just down the road’; believe me, it ain’t), and all that jazz.

I have two blog posts completed and awaiting approval, and lots of great stories to tell over the coming month from Grand Manan Island, but right now I am twiddling my thumbs not quite able to post what I would like to post! So, in the meantime, I can recommend some nibbles…

Check out the Planet Whale website for a new article from me and lots of great stuff about whale watching.

Check out Resurgence Magazine’s website. I have a new blog post displayed there, and the site and magazine are fantastic; well worth a look.

Check out the Bay of Fundy; it is in the running for the top New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Check out Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station to get a head start on finding out about Laurie Murison’s work.

And lastly, check out the two photos… The grey one was taken on the headland with the lighthouse on it, the other was taken looking back on the headland about 15 minutes later. That is how crazy the weather can be here on Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy!

Fingers crossed, normal broadcasting will resume shortly…


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