A pause in the proceedings

This post should be an introduction to Stefan Austermühle and Mundo Azul in Peru… However, apologies, it is not.

That post is written and ready to post. That post is waiting patiently as a draft. That post is wondering when it will appear live and for real… As am I. I am also having to sit patiently and wait…

I have promised each conservationist I am writing about that I will not publish anything about them until they have proof read it. And, unfortunately, Stefan is out of town so he cannot read that patiently waiting post. Stefan has given me a great deal of in-depth information which I am happily and busily writing, but I cannot post anything until he reads it…

The everyday reality of life for a conservationist is that it can get pretty busy and stressful at times, maybe more so in some places than others. Life in Peru can, after all, be very different to life in America. Fingers crossed within a couple of days Stefan will be able to read that patiently waiting post.

In the meantime, I would not want to leave you hanging around waiting in the dark. So let’s consider this an old fashioned intermission at the cinema. I can offer you a couple of light ice-cream style snacks to entertain you:

Read all about Life as Whiskie the Whale Spotting Dog, by Whiskie (ahem, actually by me but don’t tell Whiskie I told you), on Monterey County Weekly’s Animal blog.

And if you have not already visited Planet Whale, have a look at Whale Tales from the Field, an article about Peggy Stap and whale watching in Monterey Bay. (A second article about Peggy and Monterey Bay will be featured on the homepage of Planet Whale soon.) 

And if you would like to read some extra marine-themed blogs, visit this month´s Carnival of the Blue hosted on Danielle Meitiv´s Barefoot Blog.

Apologies again for the intermission, enjoy the ice-cream, and hopefully full posting will resume again shortly…


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