A little something about me

This post is a personal moment about me, not a post about conservationists or the feral girl story. I am about to leave California and head down to Peru, so it feels like an appropriate time to add a few reflections of my own on my experiences so far. I have absolutely loved being in Monterey doing what I’ve been doing for the last month. Living, working, writing about and becoming friends with Peggy has been amazing. She is now family and we are already plotting how to enable me to return here in the future.

This venture was a gamble for us both; from having never met each other before, we have just spent over a month living and working together, and being in each other’s pockets pretty much 24/7. Luckily the gamble paid off. Peggy has been the warmest, kindest, funniest, bubbliest, most generous person to live and work with. I feel so privileged that she has allowed me to enter her life and get to know her so closely, and trusted me to write about her in such detail.

Thank you to those of you who have already left comments on my blog or sent me messages and emails. I am glad that some of you have expressed how you feel like you know Peggy personally from having read my blog, and that you have found her story to be inspiring. You have no idea how happy that makes me. I chose to do what I am doing with the hope that my writing would do just that. (If you are inspired enough to donate some money to Peggy, please do so here!)

My time here has been full of so many wonderful people, animals, environments and experiences that I cannot begin to give you a full picture of it all. I hope the photos at the bottom of this post give you a little flavour of my life here, (by the way, I don’t have good cetacean photos because: a. I usually have my hands full writing data when we are seeing them; b. my camera does not zoom baby zoom).

Tomorrow I leave for Peru. On the plane I hope to write the next part of the Feral Girl. I cannot wait to re-inhabit the world of the feral girl and the villagers, I feel like I have a living, breathing organism inside my body pulsing with life and wanting to get out into the world. Once in Peru I will be writing about Stefan Austermühle of Associacion Mundo Azul. It may be a few days before I get settled in and able to get online or it may be immediate, I have no idea yet!

How do I feel about going to Peru? Sad to be leaving Peggy and California, excited and nervous to be heading to Peru and meeting Stefan. I think it will be very different, I think it may be more intense. I can’t imagine starting a whole new process of being in a new place, getting to know someone, learning how to work for them and finding the right style to write about them. I am nervous about feeling isolated; I do not speak Spanish so will not be able to befriend every other person I meet in the street and fall instantly into easy conversation. I wonder how writing about Stefan will be. Both the content, tone and style of my writing reflect the person I am writing about. The posts about Peggy were light, fun, flowing and easy to write. How will it be to write about Stefan? I will soon find out and, as readers, I think you may see a big difference.

In case you are wondering whether I will write more about Pieter Folkens and climate change, yes I will, but not until I return home. And I have interviewed and had wonderful chats with Bob Talbot so he will also feature in a post in August.

Anyway, more from Peru soon…


3 thoughts on “A little something about me

  1. Sounds like it has been an amazing experience Amanda, quite emotional to leave having put all that energy in. Thinking of you as you fly off again to the unknown, you will be fine, your friends here are with you in spirit. Enjoy the next adventure

  2. So sad that you have left this morning. Miss you already. You are an amazing girl and so talented, funny, great cook and an amazing volunteer in all facets of our organizations. Words cannot express how much it meant to meet you and spend an amazing time with you. Cannot wait until you come back……. Love and Gratitude my friend… Something wonderful is going to happen today… I want you to have safe travels for the next couple months and have a ton of fun at each new adventure you are embarking on…….

  3. I miss you already! I wish you all the luck with your new adventures, and of course, I hope to see you back again in the fall!! Take care Amanda!

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