What this post is not

This post is NOT what it should be.

This post should be an introduction to three whale/dolphin conservationists: Peggy Stap of Marine Life Studies, Stefan Austermühle of Mundo Azul and Laurie Murison of Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station.

This post should give my first impressions of these three wonderful conservationists.

This post should be a rounding off of how it all began and how it all continued.

This post should be an ending of the prologue and a beginning of the REAL tale of working alongside and writing about Peggy, Stefan and Laurie…

But, it is not.

I have run out of time in the busy-ness of pre-departure day packing to do them justice in my descriptions of them and to write a fitting beginning to the real tale.

So, instead, this post is an au revoir to the wonderful Planet Whale team. And a thank you for the amazing opportunity they gave me to work for them. I have loved every minute of it (well mostly, there were some sticky moments). It is, I hope, not a full good bye, but a pause in the proceedings.

A special thank you to Dylan and Ian for putting their faith in me (not that they had much choice). And I recommend anyone wanting to get in touch with their wild soul to visit Ian Rowland’s website.

And thank you to multi-media designer, film maker, conservationist, all round ideas woman Shen Yan Liow for designing the header for this website.

Not forgetting Richard Stephens for the maddest of schemes involving a bath tub, lots of bubbles and rather strange whale noises.

I will write the post that this post should be on my way to California, so don’t worry, you will not miss the end of the beginning and the beginning of the real thing.

Till then…


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