How it all continued

If you’ve read my previous post you know the story so far.

Did I manage to sit still long enough at Planet Whale? Yes, sit still I did, apart from the odd game of testy-tennis (ask me another time), impressions of a footballer kicking balls while in mid handstand and the odd photo-shoot involving a hairdryer and a rather cool Mini, (again, ask me another time…)

In fact, I did not just sit still for the month but for six months. That’s down to:

  1. Dylan and Ian being so fantastic
  2. Planet Whale being so fantastic
  3. me having the most fantastic experience there

Not to overstate it, Dylan and Ian are wonderful people to work for. Their knowledge and experience about cetaceans, wildlife in general, conservation, whale watching and nature guiding is enormous and they are the most fun, passionate, caring bosses you could hope to work for. It may well be that their list of attributes is endless; but don’t tell them I told you so.

Also not to overstate it, is a wonderful website. It is THE best place to find whale and dolphin watching trips all around the world; THE best place to find a whole range of other whale and dolphin related things you can get involved with; and THE only place to combine whale watching and conservation. If you believe in the job you are doing, you want to keep doing it; no wonder I didn’t leave.

The Planet Whale Report

I couldn’t possible overstate how wonderful my job was. I was entrusted with contacting cetacean conservation groups around the world, writing a report about them and featuring them on the Planet Whale website. From having very limited knowledge of whales and dolphins, I was suddenly liaising with professionals who have worked with them their whole lives. I was in a state of awe on a frequent basis.

By the way, if you want to find out more about all the organisations I was researching, then check out the Planet Whale report by clicking on the picture.

So what about my plan to focus on conservation? From my experience at Planet Whale I was surely on track to pursue a Masters course in conservation.

It was around about now that a woman called Peggy Stap from Marine Life Studies in California invited me to drop by and say ‘hello’ anytime I happened to be in the area. It was also around about now that a man called Stefan Austermühle from Mundo Azul in Peru replied to an email I sent him about volunteering and training in conservation. And it was around about now that a little intuitive voice was telling me, what about writing?

So began another subtle shift in the direction I was heading in, but more about that next time…


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