The beginnings of a story

I have a story to write. I felt my way through it this morning. It came from nowhere, as the best ones do, and allowed me to follow it from beginning to end.

It is longer than a short story… it is more than a mouthful or two… maybe it is a lunch rather than a breakfast. 

The characters are a girl, a wilderness of woods, mountains, streams, and valleys, a line up of  animals including wolves, bees, birds, owls and butterflies, a village full of people, and an old man. Oh, and one tree in particular which is as old and tall and majestic as any tree could hope to be.

I have a mind to see if I can write it on this blog over the coming months. Whether this is a realistic thought considering where life will be taking me next and the many other posts I will shortly be writing here about the whale-lovers I do not know…

I guess I won’t know till I try and it could be fun to see if I can write an unedited first draft of a story as I go along…


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