Falling in love (again) with form

I love this cat; this cat that is sat here looking at me unblinkingly. That purrs when I stroke it, that gently bites my hand when I play with it. That walks away when it pleases it and comes running on its own whim. That drinks from my glass. That knocks its head against me and presses its feet and claws rhythmically on my belly.

I love giving little things to this cat; strokes, attention, play, food, water, a bowl of milk, letting it out and in on its command…

In doing these simple things for the cat I feel love for it and have the chance to express that love in a hundred small and intimate ways.

And I think, this is why I am here in this form, in the midst of this possibly illusory world. If this cat and I did not exist I would not experience this feeling and expression of love, care and gentle devotion.

This is why the world of form is here. It may seem pointless at times, full of stuff and empty of meaning, full of objects and not of substance… But without it, love could not take wings and explore its own infinite being, manifesting itself in so many different, unending ways. Without it, my being would not feel what it feels and express what it expresses; this is why both being and doing exist hand in hand.


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