Mondays, 9-10am, La Jolla Community Center, La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla
$7 for members ($12 for non-members)

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ICO-DANCE is a low impact movement practice for men and women of all ages and levels of experience. It is a physical journey inwards and outwards, encouraging us to explore our relationship with our internal and external worlds. How can we bring awareness, freedom and intention to our movements? How can we enjoy the sensation of moving from an inner feeling, rather than from what we think it should look like from the outside? How can we embrace different movement qualities and spatial pathways, so that our body, mind and spirit feel engaged and nourished?”


Participating in ICO-DANCE classes can be enjoyed as a physical workout, an everyday way to improve general wellbeing, an expressive outlet and a reflective exploration.

ICO-DANCE incorporates simple follow-on movements and patterns, and a variety of taught and repeated dance phrases. We embrace imagery as a means to bring clarity to our intention and movements. Guided free movement encourages us to connect with our individual, innate way of moving and experience the pleasure of moving from ‘the inside out’.

ICO-DANCE is suitable for both dancers and non-dancers who wish to experience an organic way of moving which helps the body and head to find a fluid, energised, natural balance.

Amanda created ICO-DANCE in part by developing the ideas of Rudolph Laban, a European artist working within the field of contemporary dance in the 1900′s. Along with other innovations, Laban developed a series of movement scales set within geometric forms, focusing on the five Platonic Solids, especially the icosahedron; symbolic of water, emotion and movement. He also brought attention to the way that we move; the how, why and intention within our movements, gestures and postures. Crucially, Laban observed the need for recovery in our lives; if our daily life consists of being strong, fast paced and direct in our actions, then the opposite is necessary to recover and maintain balance.


After training at London Contemporary Dance School, UK, in the early nineties, Amanda performed as a contemporary dancer for over ten years, working with European companies and choreographers in the UK, Norway, Sweden and Lithuania. She subsequently became a freelance practitioner leading workshops, residencies and performance projects for children, adults, dancers in training, teachers and dance professionals in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Lithuania and Kenya.

In 2006 she undertook a two year professional development course, devised by the Laban Guild UK, in the practical application of Laban principles. Leaders and guest teachers included first and second generation Laban students (Walli Meier, Anna Carlisle, Valerie Preston-Dunlop, Geraldine Stephenson, Marion North and Warren Lamb).

Amanda has since performed in three Laban dance films and taught Laban-based principles and practice on professional development summer schools, teacher training and dance training courses, and courses for children and adults from non-dance backgrounds. After recently relocating to California with her husband, Amanda is happy to have the opportunity to establish ICO-DANCE classes for local people.

Dance photographs are courtesy of Richard Washbrooke Photography, please visit Richard’s website to view his stunning photographic collections.