After beginning life as a blog about cetacean conservationists, this site now includes poetry, prose, dance and nature. My Blog has become a home for poetry, although marine conservation articles linger in the archives. My Ico-Dance & creativeDANCE pages contain information about expressive and creative dance classes for adults and children in La Jolla and San Diego North County, California. I hope you enjoy reading and I would be happy to hear from you if you have any comments or questions…

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Know Then…

Trunk and leaves

Know then,

That even if the
Are twisted into darkened realms,
Or stretched thin in search of soil.
Even if the
Is grown gnarled and ugly to behold,
Deformed in shape and bark.
Even if the
Are a fortress tightly crossed,
Adorned with spikes and barbs.
And even if the
Are slow to open to the sun,
And quick to close against the dark.

The tree,

May still one day
With unexpected flowers,
Of graceful hue and nectar.
And still it may bear
Whether plucked by man or beast,
Or falling down to begin anew.
And even if the
Lands softly in a barren place,
It will have given of itself.
Replenishing the thirsty
From which all shall come,
For all the days hereafter.


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