After beginning life as a blog about cetacean conservationists, this site now includes poetry, prose, dance and nature. My Blog has become a home for poetry, although marine conservation articles linger in the archives. My Ico-Dance & creativeDANCE pages contain information about expressive and creative dance classes for adults and children in La Jolla and San Diego North County, California. I hope you enjoy reading and I would be happy to hear from you if you have any comments or questions…

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The Birthing Place

TreeinfieldBring them here all of your selves
To the inner sanctuary,
The place that you’ve prepared
With gentle resolution.
Welcome them by name
Let none be turned away,
And lie with them softly
To hear their every breath.

Here lies the innocent
A bud of newborn hope,
Here lies the wounded
Bleeding ocean tears,
Here lies the orphan
Weaving tales of woe,
Here lies the hero
Abreast a snow white horse.

Here lies the witch
Casting spite upon the world,
Here lies the judge
Imprisoning the weak,
Here lies the unworthy
Lying torn upon the altar,
Here lies the sage
Whispering candles in the dark.

Make space for every one
Lie down and be still,
Allowing each one’s contours
To nestle with the next.
Hold them very gently
And stroke away all fears,
Whisper ‘I love you’
Throughout the midnight hour.

No boundaries existing
Between one and another,
As they and you all become
At once both true and false.
What must ultimately be surrendered
Must first be claimed,
What will one day fragment to dust
Must first become united.

So bring them here all of your selves
To the inner sanctuary,
Welcome each and every one
Let none be turned away.
For this is the silent place
Where miracles spring forth,
And gradually with gentle care
Wholeness may be born.



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