After beginning life as a blog about cetacean conservationists, this site now includes poetry, prose, dance and nature. My Blog has become a home for poetry, although marine conservation articles linger in the archives. My Ico-Dance & creativeDANCE pages contain information about expressive and creative dance classes for adults and children in La Jolla and San Diego North County, California. I hope you enjoy reading and I would be happy to hear from you if you have any comments or questions…

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It is only by going through,Dawn light 2
Not around
Or away from
Or above,

It is only by going through
The looking glass.
Sinking in
Through layers of self
Feeling presence, hearing voices.

It is only by going through,
With no short cuts,
No spiritual bypass.
All that arises from within
Must arise
Be seen, heard, felt. 

It is only by going within,
Not denying
Or rejecting to the waste lands,

Dawn light 1It is only by going within
To Persephone’s underworld.
Allowing, accepting, feeling
Sorrowing, pleading, shouting
Grieving, fearing, thanking.

It is only by going within,
To the deepest, darkest places,
That light can be found.
All that is there
Is and is not
But must still be sought.

It is only by going to the depths,
That the higher realms
Are reached.
And we find something
More enduring than,

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